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E-Filing Policies and Procedures






Complete E-Filing Policies and Procedures Manual



Chapter One - Introduction:





Basic Requirements

Help Desk

EDVA Internet Site

ECF Capabilities

How to Access the System

Selecting ECF or PACER

Logging in to ECF

Main ECF Menu Items

Civil Menu Items

Criminal Menu Items

ECF Definitions

System Requirements and PACER Registration

Registration, Mandatory Certification, and Passwords


Portable Document Format (PDF), Scanning, and Document Size Requirements


Two Choices on Each ECF Screen

Correcting a Mistake/Aborting a Transaction

Timing Out


Official Court Record

Sealed Documents

Redaction of Personal Identifiers

Civil Case Exceptions to E-Filing

Documents That May Be Filed in Open Court by Attorneys

Criminal Case Exceptions to E-Filing

Entry of Orders and Judgments


Technical Failures


Electronic Filing

Filing Deadline

NEF as Proof of Filing

Official Record

Service by Electronic Means Like Service by Mail

Docket Entry Creation and Modification

Filing in the Wrong Case or Attaching an Incorrect PDF

Consent to Electronic Service

Service of Documents to Non-Filing Users

Filing Documents That Require Leave of Court

Motions to Intervene in a Civil Case

Service of Process

Sample Certificate of Service

Courtesy Copies and Other Division Specific Information

Electronic Transcripts

Electronic Filing of Sealed Documents in Civil Cases