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Clerk's Office Fees
(Effective June 1, 2012)





All fees made payable to Clerk, U.S. District Court, either by cash, check, money order, Visa or Mastercard with the exception of Motion(s) for Pro Hac Vice and Notice(s) of Appeal for registered ECF filing users.  Registered ECF filing users are to pay the fees associated with Motion(s) for Pro Hac Vice and Notice(s) of Appeal via credit card through Pay.gov during the electronic filing of these documents.



Abstract of Judgment
Admission of Attorney


CD Request of a Court Proceeding
Certificate of Judgment
Certificate of Good Standing
Certificate of Search
Comparing Paper with Original for Certification / per page
Copy Work for Electronic Documents, Including Opinions / per page
Copy Work for Paper, Including Opinions / per page
Duplicate Certificate
Fee for Returned Check

Fee for Retrieval of One Box of Records from Federal Records Center

    For each additional box requested




Filing Fee (Complaints and Removals)

    Administrative Fee (Effective May 1, 2013)



Filing Fee / Appeal from Magistrate Judge (Misdemeanor and Petty Cases)
Filing Fee - Notice of Appeal ($500.00 + $5.00 District Court Fee)


Filing of any papers in a case which is not our own - Foreign Depositions, Power of Attorney, Letters Rogatory, Petition to Perpetuate Testimony, Paper by Trustee
Foreign Judgment
Habeas Corpus Filing Fee


Pro hac vice


Triple Seal / Exemplification


Witness Fee: Appearance


Automobile Mileage / per mile - effective January 1, 2014