Norfolk/Newport News Schedule for February 15, 2019
Note: Often, Newport News cases -- whose case numbers begin with the number 4 -- are heard at the courthouse in Norfolk. If you are not sure where a case is being heard, please contact the Norfolk Clerk's Office (757-222-7204) or the Newport News Clerk's Office (757-247-0784) for clarification.

Note: Court schedules are updated every two hours from 7:30 am to 9:30 pm on weekdays. Last Update: Fri Feb 15 17:32:59 2019

DateTimeJudgeCaseTitlePurposePartiesCourt Room
02/15/19 9:00 am Douglas Miller 2:2010 mc 1003 vs DUI/Initial Appearances DUI/Initial Appearances All Norfolk Mag Court Room 2
02/15/19 1:30 pm Krask 2:2017 cv 585 Mitchell vs Caspari, Inc. Settlement Conference All Norfolk Judges Chambers