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Zoomgov Remote Proceeding Access Information


In light of the ongoing national emergency with respect to the coronavirus pandemic, the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia has issued the following general orders providing temporary, emergency video and teleconferencing for civil and criminal hearings, including the use of Zoomgov for remote proceedings, when consent is provided in accordance with applicable statutes and rules of the Judicial Conference of the United States. 

NOTICE – Recording/Broadcasting Prohibitions

Consistent with the general prohibition on bringing recording equipment into our federal courthouses, the general prohibition on televising, recording or photographing any civil or criminal court proceedings, (see E.D. Va. Loc. Crim. R. 53, E.D. Va. Loc. Civ. R. 83.3), and related provisions in General Order 2020-11, the following limitations apply for remote access to court proceedings in this District during the COVID-19 judicial emergency:

The operation of any video or audio recording device by any lawyer, litigant, participant, or observing member of the press or public, is prohibited during remote proceedings. Therefore, with the exception of authorized Court personnel, any person remotely participating in, or listening to, a remote Court proceeding may not record, or cause to be recorded, any such proceeding. Furthermore, no person participating in, or listening to, such a proceeding may rebroadcast, live-stream, or otherwise disseminate any live or recorded audio or video of the court proceeding.

AUTHORIZED PARTICIPANTS – Zoomgov Remote Videoconference Access Information

Remote on-line access for authorized participants will be facilitated via Zoomgov.  A personal Zoom account is not required, but participants are welcome to establish one if they so desire to assist with training and familiarity with how the process works.

PUBLIC/MEDIA – Remote Teleconference Access Information

This court continues to stridently support the presumption of public access to hearings before the court.  In support of that presumption, for the duration of this national emergency, public access for judges utilizing the Zoomgov remote location proceeding option will be available by teleconference via listening mode only.  A listing of applicable numbers to obtain telephonic access can be found below.  The general prohibition on televising, recording or photographing any civil or criminal court proceedings still applies (see E.D. Va. Loc. Crim. R. 53, Loc. Civ. R. 83.3General Order 2020-11),