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CM/ECF Notices

  • Effective 04/16/2007 - Notice to Attorneys from Chief Judge Spencer About Falsely Registering for E-Filing.
  • Effective 06/27/2011, Ex Parte Motions and Supporting Documentation will no longer be exempt from E-Filing.
  • Effective 11/07/2011 - Online Fee Payment for Notice of Appeals and Motions for Pro Hac Vice.
  • Effective 05/14/2012 - Criminal cases filed before March 26, 2007 (paper cases) where a fugitive defendat is apprehended, that defendant's case will be converted to an electronic (E-Filing) case. Thereafter, all documents pertaining to that defendant must be electronicaly filed.
  • Effective 08/11/2014 - Attorney Guide to CM/ECF Versions 6.0/6.1 enhancements and changes.