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NextGen CM/ECF E-Filing Registration Required Steps

If you are a Government Attorney pursuant to Local Civil Rule 83.1 and Local Criminal Rule 57.4, do not fill out this form. Click on E-Filing Registration for Government Attorneys Pursuant to Local Civil Rule 83.1 and Local Criminal Rule 57.4 tab located on the left. 

Attorneys admitted to VAED or attorneys in good standing from the Western District of Virginia or other government agencies, must register to become an e-filer prior to filing any pleadings electronically.  To register to file documents electronically with the EDVA via the CM/ECF system, you must take the following steps:


Register for an individual upgraded PACER account at the PACER Service Center 



Familiarize yourself with our local rules the E-Filing Policies and Procedures Manual. Please do not continue registering to become an e-filer until you have done so.



Print out and complete the NextGen CM/ECF Certification/Registration Form.  Email the three page form and photocopied government-issued photo ID to

Note: You may not register as an E-Filer if you are not admitted to VAED or not associated with the EDVA U.S. Attorney's Office or Government Agency. If you are in good standing with the Western District of Virginia, you may submit your certificate of good standing and other required documents in place of being admitted. If you are Pro Hac Vice (PHV), you may request access to our court for Non-Filing Access to receive NEFs and to keep your account current. We do not allow PHV to e-file and will need to associate with local counsel. Once we have received your registration documents and e-filing request, we will process your account.

Contact the local divisional office help desk if you need assistance filing a document electronically:

Alexandria Help Desk:



Norfolk/Newport News Help Desk:



Richmond Help Desk: