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Increasingly, calls are being made to the public from individuals who claim to be an officer of the court, stating that the person failed to report for jury duty and a warrant has been issued for their arrest. When the person denies receiving the summons, the caller asks for verification in the form of date of birth, social security number, place of employment, or even a credit card number. Fraudulent emails are also being sent to the public indicating that they must report for jury duty on a federal case. These are scams and are malicious attempts to obtain personal information from you or to have you falsely report to a courthouse. Do not provide any information to the caller and hang up the phone immediately and delete any emails that summons you for jury duty on a federal case. Clerk's Office staff will NEVER ask you for this kind of personal information or summons jurors by email. At most, a Clerk's Office staff member might ask you to confirm your mailing address to ensure that jury summonses are received.

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